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Nursing and Social Work CEUs

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Nursing and Social Work CEUs
by Brandi Bordelon - Monday, 22 June 2015, 12:57 PM

Are you a Nurse or Social Worker looking for CEUs? The South Central Public Health Partnership has many courses available that offer both Nursing and Social Work CEUs. To search for courses that offer CEUs, go to Course Offerings and enter CEU in the search box. Below is a list of our courses that are currently offering Nursing and/or Social Work CEUs.

Building and Maintaining a Collaborative Culture
Communicating With and For the Maternal and Child Health Population: Issues and Challenges
Community Partnership and Perspectives-Advanced
Decision Making: A Systematic and Organized Approach
Family Advocacy and Involvement in Title V Programs
Improving Interpersonal Communication and Relationships
Introduction to Program Monitoring and Evaluation in Maternal and Child Health: Session One - Monitoring & Evaluation: What? When? Who?
Leadership and Advocacy:  Trends and Challenges in Maternal and Child Health
Leadership Management Communication
Leadership, Strategic Planning and Systems Approaches
Managerial Communications
Managing and Motivating Effective Public Health Performance
Mentoring and Coaching
Newborn Screening for Inherited Disorders of Metabolism
• Productive Communication Skills
Succession Planning for Public Health Agencies
The Core Elements of Project Management in Public Health

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